Thursday, September 23, 2010

etsy ecstasy

my man purse and i

i own a bionafied man purse that in inherited many, many years ago ... from a man.  i have decided that no mater how perfect it is in every way (space, original color, comfort, etc.) it is time for it to retire and be used for fishing trips only.

i do not have the funds to replace my beloved man purse right now.  but i have decided there is no reason i cant start window shopping.  that way, when the glorious day arrives, the decision making will have already been taken care of :)

what are the characteristics that this man purse replacement bag must have?
  • plenty of room to carry things for other people as well as my own things.
  • must fit comfortably across the body 
  • not too bulky 
  • match in color and style with most, if not all, of my wardrobe.  
  • it must compliment me when i am feeling ugly. 
  • it must cheer me up when i am having a bad day. 
  • and it must never EVER judge me when we take a trip to the taco bell drive thru. 

i think the orange is my absolute fav!  its like a grown up man purse ... yet not manly, which is good. 

one day i will have a mature bag to replace the man purse and i will then reveal to you the obscene thing that i have been carrying around.  im not going to lie ... it may be too much of a temptation to keep it, even for fishing adventures.  i would be scared that one day i would long for the comfort of my beloved man purse and fall back into the clutches of evil, ugly bags.  

until this day, i will enjoy the time we have left together ...


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