Tuesday, July 1, 2014

things you should know

  1. henry is 1 and a half years old!  can you even believe it?  it felt like just yesterday that i was posting pregnancy photos.  life with a toddler is the most awesome and exhausting thing ever.  our little guy is developing such a huge, amazing personality.  
  2. speaking of pregnancy photos ... we are having another baby!!!  "sister" is due August 7th and we are super stoked.  
  3. we have a cat now.  his name is klaus.  he is pretty much henry's favorite toy at the moment ... poor kitty!!! 
  4. if you are wondering where i went, this post explains exactly why i havent been around these parts in a while.  
and that about sums up whats been going on these past 6 months.  i hope to post a bit more but im not making any promises :)  

happy july! 

oh, if you dont follow me on instagram, here is a photo dump of a few of my favorite moments you might have missed.

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