Tuesday, November 19, 2013

pet peeves:

1)  when i am second in line at a stop light and the person behind me honks their horn.  i always get so embarrassed that the person in front might think i did it.  so i usually look like an idiot trying to sign language an apology and pointing behind me to the real culprit.

2) while shopping, you ask the store employee if there are any more of said item in the back and they just simply say “no.”   i mean, i have worked in the customer service industry before.  i know how this works.  can’t you at least pretend to look in the back?  go take a sip of your icee for gracious sake and come back with a concerned look on your face and lie … say you couldn’t find it anywhere.

3) when an ambulance is coming up behind you and you are the ONLY person that pulls off the road out of their way … and then no one will let you back onto the road even though you are the only driver that did what they were supposed to.

4) weak coffee … like really weak.  you add the tiniest amount of cream and it suddenly looks like a cup of skim milk …. and don’t get me started on skim milk. 

5) leaves!  you finally muster up some energy to blow the leaves in your front yard and at some point in the night a small tornado comes through and blows them all over the place … and more down from the tree.  bagging the leaves in the pile is not an option because it would literally take ten million years ... ain't nobody got time for that!  speaking of time, if it didn’t get dark at 3pm, maybe i would have more time to blow and bag leaves :)

what is your biggest pet peeve? 

1 comment:

  1. To be fair, the store where I work doesn't keep any extra stock in the back. So when I tell people that we don't have anymore, I quickly explain that we don't have back stock.

    And my biggest pet peeve is turn signals. It bugs me when people don't use them to change lanes or when turning. It also bugs me when people leave them on while driving in a straight line for seven miles. UGH!


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