Friday, April 12, 2013

high five for insta-friday

today im linking up with lauren, jeanette, and rachel to share five of my favorite things from this past week.

ONE:  hello spring!!!  after spending the end of last week inside with a sick baby, i welcomed the sunshine with open arms.  we spent some time outside on saturday and sunday just soaking up springtime.  

TWO:  henry was able to spend some time with his grandparents while husband caught up on school work.  we are so blessed to have them so close.  this photo of henry and his granddaddy swinging on the hammock was taken by my sister in law. 

THREE:  this weeks fresh 20 menu was awesome because it really appealed to husband and the things he likes.  on monday night i made veggie sloppy joes and on thursday we had the fresh 20's take on hamburger helper.  both meals turned out really well and had a lot more veggies than they appeared to.  i need to remember this week when henry gets older and i have to disguise healthy foods.  

FOUR:  this is my favorite picture this week.  to see more from our family photo shoot, click here

FIVE:  henry has been practicing sitting up all by himself.  it trips me out when he gives up and sits forward ... always aiming for his toes in his mouth.  

this weeks awesomeness is heavy on the henry, i know ... but right now life is a little heavy on the henry and its pretty awesome!  maybe one of these fridays i will try and post 5 things that are not henry related ... if i can :) 



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  1. Your little man is getting so big! He's adorable :) Yeah, that tipping forward thing was hard not to jump and rescue!
    Funny, I made sloppy joe's this week also (I can't even remember the last time!). Mine was also homemade, but minus veggies (well, I suppose there was an onion). Good idea!

  2. Sweet pictures! My littlest is pulling up on everything now, and it's terrifying! I'm just following him around everywhere, making sure he doesn't's a full time job.
    Happy Friday!

  3. Stopping by from finding joy! Have a great weekend!

  4. aww! these photos are so precious! xoxo


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