Tuesday, October 2, 2012

nursing covers and unicorn hair

let me start by saying that im pretty cheap.  this is something that husband points out to me quite a bit.  i am especially cheap when it comes to needs like tires, gas, doctors visits, etc.  i also have a really hard time overpaying for some items like a bra, maternity clothes in general or a nursing cover.  

and now, the point of this post: 
do any of you mothers out there have one of those DRIA nursing covers?  they seem to be one of the most overpriced products out there.  i mean, sure its made of awesome jersey knit material and its super functional, but im pretty sure it can be homemade for about $15 and with very little knowledge of sewing.  i would love for someone that has one to leave a comment about it.  was it everything you hoped it would be and more?  i have zero intention of purchasing or asking for one but i still feel like their pricing should be justified somehow (which they tried to do on their faqs page but im not buying it).  

the only way i would pay $80 for this nursing cover: 

  • if it comes with a $3000 savings bond to be used for child's education. 
  • guaranteed no pain when breast feeding
  • it was sewn together with unicorn hair
  • helps melt away any and all pregnancy weight within 2 weeks of purchase
  • with every use, the nursing cover tells you things like:
    • "you are an awesome mom" 
    • "keep up the good work"
    • "you look pretty today"

i have seen a few DIY tutorials online so i might give one a try and let you know how it turns out.  now, if only i could get my hands on some unicorn hair ...


  1. I had a few nursing covers, but they never worked right. I used a receiving blanket every time. Cheap and effective!


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