Monday, September 10, 2012

macbook beach ball

well guys, i am almost out of space on my macbook.  that means i have been seeing too much of the stupid beach ball.  i dont have enough space to do the most recent update on my phone or upload the pictures i have taken over the past few weeks.  and because i have been using my nikon a little more these days, i havent been taking as many pictures with my phone (did i mention it needs to be updated) so i am running out of things to post until i clean off my computer.  

*sigh* i am not looking forward to devoting 763 hours to going thru my computer file by file, document by document, picture by picture to figure out what can be deleted ... forever *gulp*.  the sad part is, the space i free up will only last so long.  

anywho, if things seem a bit underwhelming for the next few days, please stick with me.  i have some really fun stuff to post, including but not limited to ...

  1. update to the basement/man room 
  2. old baker's cabinet turned into a changing table for mister's room
  3. awesome rocking chair with outdated cushions turns into the best rocker ever ... ok, so this project isnt finished but i have some pics to update you on how its going.
  4. after a year of being in our house, we finally set up the guest room/craft room/office space. 
  5. mister's first baby shower celebration
  6. pictures of my dogs being extremely adorable. 
  7. other random pictures i have taken with my new lens :) 


  1. You can save things to an external hard drive and then you don't have to delete them "forever"... Not that I am an expert on this, but look into it before you go deleting things :)

  2. ^ What she said! I don't know much about Apple products/Macs, but I'd think an external hard drive would be the way to go. Then again, I'm the sappy, sentimental kind of person who can't bring myself to delete much of anything anyway... :P I've always used flash drives/memory sticks, the little ones you can find at Walmart. But at the rate I've gone through them over the years, I think an external hard drive would have been a wiser choice and investment. Definitely worth looking into! <3

  3. I guess I forgot to add that I do trust our external hard drive. It's old and moody. But even if it wasn't, I don't like that the information isn't as easily accessable. I'm weird and a bit of a control freak. Maybe I'll get a better external hd soon that I trust but I can't wait until that happens to post anything. It will be more of a long term fix.

    1. Ohhh, gotcha. That makes sense. Could you burn your photos/large files to CDs? I don't know how much they hold or how time-consuming that would be... I don't know much about backing up files in general, but I think there are websites online that do it too - not that I'd trust them, haha. So if you're a control freak you might not either! ;)


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