Tuesday, September 25, 2012

etsy ecstasy: diaper bags

i know that i have gone a little baby happy on this blog ever since i revealed that we were pregnant. well, today's post is no different.  i want to share with you the awesome diaper bags i have found on etsy.  the good news, for you non-pregnant ladies, is that several of these bags are great for everyday use ... no baby bump required.

so here they are, in no particular order:
{click on the picture to shop}

messenger style diaper bag - multi colored dot by the daisy box
carry-all diaper bag made from recycled coffee sacks by burla bags
pleated shoulder diaper bag from wild sprout design 
deep plum canvas diaper bag from ickady bag
elephant messenger diaper bag by petunias
picking out a diaper bag is something that i am having a really hard deciding on.  i had one picked out on my online registry but i recently changed it.  dont get me wrong, if someone has already ordered/purchased the first bag i chose then i would still be stoked.  i switched it out for the grey messenger type bag because it just seemed more practical.  not only am i already used to carrying a bag across my body, its also something that husband can carry without looking girly AND its something i would totally use just as a regular bag.  

here is the bag i have decided on ... for now :)
i have heard some great things about these bags so im hoping to not be disappointed.  
if i get it, ill be sure to let you know what i think. 
bailey - dark grey handmade canvas bag by luckycann
have any of you ordered a handmade diaper bag from etsy?  


  1. Well, thanks a lot...I want them all! Especially that first one. Love the polkadots!

  2. you're allowed to go baby crazy....


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