Thursday, September 20, 2012

32 weeks pregnancy update

  • 32 weeks = 8 months
  • my babybump app reminds me this morning that i only have 50 more days until my due date
  • mister is about 16.5 inches long and 3.75 lbs.  
  • his movement:  quite a lot.  i am much more aware of how much space he is taking up in there.  i feel hiccups way low and i feel him pushing out (im guessing with his feet) way up towards my ribs.  
  • my movement:  slow and steady!  lots of breathing and grunting to get myself off the floor or flipping over in bed. 
  • sleep:  there have only been a few nights this week that i woke up more than once or twice (each not for very long) ... nothing i cant handle. 
  • energy level:  i have my ups and downs.  last week i was super tired all week and then went into this crazy energetic cleaning mode on thursday night.  i am hoping to get that mode back this thursday night as well. 
  • nursery:  not too much to share for this week.  i am cleaning up and organizing some of the things we received from the shower.
  • belly button:  still in
  • stretch marks:  none yet


  1. Happy 32 weeks! Cute pictures! I will be 32 weeks on Saturday! We are almost there! You are lucky that you only wake up once or twice a night. I think this is the time when nesting starts to set it b/c I too have been on a cleaning spree this week! I also just realized that you live in Raleigh, I live right around the corner in Garner! Small world! Happy 32 weeks!

  2. You look great! I love the shadow picture with your husband making the heart with his fingers, so cute!

  3. I’m pretty sure you’re quite excited for this little angel to come out! Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing your child after nine months of waiting. And your stats sound good! Well, it is perfectly normal to feel a little down and heavy at this time, since you and the baby are gaining weight. Be sure not to stress yourself out, and have some rest once in a while. Also, the baby’s movements will be much more evident, since he will be changing positions in time for his birth.


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