Tuesday, August 28, 2012

dear mister,

i have really enjoyed these past 28 week of carrying you around with me everywhere i go ... you're the best accessory i have :)  as uncomfortable as i know im about to get, im already sad we might only have 10 more weeks this way.  

even though i cant see you, you have been really giving me some kicks and nudges to let me know you are safe and warm.  also, i get to hear your heartbeat whenever i like thanks to some good friends that let us borrow their doppler thingy.  daddy and i listen almost every night before we go to sleep.  its the most beautiful sound in the world.    

ever since we found out you are a mister, i have been letting my imagination run wild ... what will you look like and who will you turn out to be.  will you have your dad's blue eyes (even though the odds are against it) and be a laid back guy with a servants heart?  or will you get my brown eyes, passion and lack of an inside voice?  

we have been slowly getting your room together.  i know you wont really care what it looks like.  i try to keep this in mind, but as you grow up and start to understand your surroundings more, i hope you like my choices.  i think i have found a great placement for your crib so daddy and i can sneak in and look at you without waking you up.

your daddy and i have also been thinking a lot about the guest room.  this is important because your grandparents, uncles and aunts will want to come visit you a lot.  it will also be where your cousin vincent sleeps when he comes to play with you ... did you know he prays for you?  yup, there are a lot of people that are praying for you and i cant wait for you to meet them all.  its amazing how many people love you that you dont even know yet.  

i hope you are making the most of your time inside me.  although, im sure it can get a little boring.  not much to do but grow eye lashes and listen closely to whats going on in the outside world.  do you hear mailey barking a lot?  if so, try and get used to it so it doesnt startle you awake once you get here.   omar stays pretty quite but i know he knows you're there and is excited about meeting you ... we all are.  
so stay safe little guy and ill see you soon! 

your mom


  1. so sweet!! i have so many friends who are pregnant right now and it's so amazing to see the miracle of life happening daily... it really IS a miracle!

  2. Very beautifully written. Mister is a very lucky little guy.

  3. This is beautiful! I could seriously copy and paste this onto my blog as its exactly how I am feeling about my own little mister... :)


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