Tuesday, August 21, 2012

currently ...

missing ... husband's beard.  i wonder if his new job will mind if he grows it out. 

loving ... these last few weeks of summer.  its cooling down a bit a night which is really nice. 

thinking about ... what mister will be like *sigh*

listening to ... damien rice pandora station

drinking ... my one cup of coffee for the day, then water ... lots of water. 

reading ... Jesus, my father, the cia and me:  a memoir ... of sorts

dreading ... shorter days that come with the cooler months.  i hate getting home at 5:30 and its already dark. 

addicted to ... cheese toast and tootsie rolls

watching ... a lot of dirty jobs episodes on netflix 

dreaming of ... figs!  still unable to find some yummy figs around these parts and i want some :)

anticipating ... a trip to the beach for our five year anniversary.  i think we might even get to take the pups.  fun!


  1. You know that Allen has a full blown fig tree in his yard right? If you want some all you have to do is ask....


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