Monday, June 4, 2012

birthday / babymoon trip

this week is going to be awesome!  wanna know why ... because my husband is awesome :) 

a little over a month ago, husband could no longer keep his secret.  he had been collaborating with jen to plan a trip to CA to visit her and erin.  on friday, i will be turning the ripe age of 30.  i will admit that i have not been looking forward to this age.  its a number that makes you think about all the things you should have done by the time you reached it.  as soon as husband let the cat out of the bag about our trip, i have been nothing but stoked ... who cares if i come home a year older.  and who better to spend my 30th with, then some of my besties.  

this trip will also be our babymoon ... the last big trip to spend time together before venturing into parenthood.  although we will be spending a lot of time with friends, there will be a couple of day trips and beach time for just us.  im looking forward to getting out of town with my man and showing this bump the west coast! 

while im gone, i have a few posts scheduled so you wont be bored.  also, a big thanks to keith for house and puppy sitting for us!

california, here we come! 
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  1. Hooray for vacation! I hope you guys have a great time :)


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