Thursday, May 31, 2012

16 weeks

we had our 16 week appointment yesterday afternoon. the baby's heart rate is 160 and the doctor said everything seems to be right on track.  we did make our next appointment for june 20th.  thats the big one where we get to find out if the person im making is a miss or a mister :)  not exactly sure how we want to find out yet ... just husband, me and the doc at the appointment or do some kind of gender reveal specialness?  ill keep you updated on our plans. 

recent pregnancy adventures:
i did a bit of maternity clothing shopping over the weekend.  lets just say it was not a pleasant experience.  my goal was to find a few items that i didnt have to pay so much for and i thought memorial day weekend sales were just the ticket ... not so much.  on saturday i searched for the sales with no luck.  after church on sunday, i left husband to his video games and decided that i would just find something i like (mostly looking for shorts or dresses) that wouldnt break the bank and go for it.  i knew the belk in north raleigh and the one in goldsboro had a few things so i figured i would head to crabtree because it is the largest belks around.  i searched and searched for the small maternity section having one employee send me one way and the next, another.  finally, i stopped to ask someone to take me there.  the sales lady informs me that it is usually located in the corner next to swim wear but its not there now.  she went on to tell me that maternity wear is considered "seasonal" and to check back in a couple of months.  are you kidding me?!?!?!  now, any normal person would have said "ok" and went to the other stores in the mall that might have something.  i wanted to walk over there and see for myself that nothing was there.  would you like to know what i found?  their fur coat selection ... in may ... summer time ... out of season!!!  evidently, this belks considered maternity "seasonal" but not their furs.  needless to say i was beside myself and thought of asking to speak to a manager.  then i realised that i was so mad i would have cried if i talked to them and they would have written me off as just some crazy pregnant lady which would have only made me more angry.  i left and went to h&m where i found 3 non-maternity dresses that are perfect for the summer ... all 3 together were less than $40.  wooo hoo!  {but im still very pissed at belks}


  1. Cute picture! Sorry about your clothes buying experience :(

  2. Maternity clothes shopping was the pits! I did best at consignment stores, JCPenneys and Sears. Hang in there! Summer clothes will be on sale soon so you can load up! You look great!!! but you always do :-)

  3. Seasonal??? Dear Belks, women conceive year round, get with the program! You could send a strongly worded email to Belks' customer service department; you're justifiably angry.


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