Tuesday, April 3, 2012

tea time

a while back, i hosted a tea party at my home.  several ladies came over for brunch and hot tea. 

my mom brought some table clothes that were my great grandmothers ... fun!

it was awesome to have so many lovely ladies under one roof :)

i wish i had taken pictures of the food because, besides the fellowship, it was the best part!!!

im thinking of hosting another one in the fall.  until then, ill be pinning ideas in preparation.


  1. Oh, I love this! So pretty and such a good idea... if we lived closer, I may have had to invite myself on over. ;) Thanks for sharing, cousin! It makes me want to plan something like this in our tiny abode... haha :) Blessings to you, dear heart!

    P.S. Your house is so lovely!

  2. Such a fun day! I'm so glad I got to go :)


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