Wednesday, February 29, 2012

snot at the office

i saw this post over at express-o right before lunch.  she mentioned an artist names phillip toledano and a photo journal he did about his aging father.  it looked interesting so i figured i would read through it while eating my lunch.  she said that she "shed a tear or two over it" but i was not prepared!

i was a bit embarrassed to do the ugly cry {which includes snot} in front of my office mate, but i am so glad i took the time to read and look through this love story.  it is one of the most beautiful things i have come across in quite some time. 

so be forewarned, you will need tissues!!!

click HERE now {or later when you have some privacy}



  1. i am hysterically crying at my desk right now. the ugly cry and everything.

    it is literally the most beautiful thing i have ever read. i want to read it again to make sure i didn't miss anything between the snot but i am afraid of going through the emotions again.

    looking forward to following your blog, elizabeth.
    i am totally going to share this post tomorrow and will be sure to link your blog to it too.


  2. I got a bit emotional seeing this too. Such a touching and honest portrayal of love. :)


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