Tuesday, February 7, 2012

pinterest: the valentine guide

if you have a pinterest account and you still have no idea what to do for valentines day, then lets face it, you are a hopeless case!  there are seriously some great ideas for you and your lover.  whether you are going out, staying in, taken or single ... pinterest has a lot to offer for the upcoming holiday. 

{click on the pics for original source}
spruce up your dinning room or bedroom with romantical homemade garland.

remind your valentine why you love them!

host a valentine day party for couples or your girlfriends

send a card to your valentine that really expresses how you feel.

and just in case you need a little help getting in the mood to love ...


  1. I love that you said hopeless case :) And I love that Valumtime's day card!

  2. If someone sent me that hooker/crack card, I'd totally LOVE it. Amazing!

  3. Your top photo: Love, love, love.
    These are all wonderful ideas!


  4. HA! I love these -- especially the book! xoxo

  5. Like DIY, your balloons are very beautiful!


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