Tuesday, January 31, 2012

etsy ecstasy: ready for spring

tomorrow will be february 1st and the weather forcast is showing 70 degrees here in north carolina.  i am so excited to get a little taste of spring.  here are a few dresses from etsy ill be dreaming of. 

{click on the pic to shop}

vintage lace blue heron blue print sundress
from firegypsyvintage
african dashiki print sundress by dorisanddoris

fever for the floral sundress from FabulousDresses
floral boatneck babydoll dress by noslowjams

vintage 1970s back and white sundress from coldfish


  1. Fun selections! I know what you mean about the weather and wanting to break out the Spring looks. I am tired of Winter and it really hasn't even been too bad:)

    Amy R. {plain & fancy living}

  2. I want that second dress! But then again, we don't see 70 degrees until....maybe May. Sigh.

  3. all pretty, but first two are just gorgeous :)


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