Thursday, January 26, 2012

daddy mac will make you

remember kris kross? 

if you were even mildly cool in the early 90s then your answer is "yes."

they were pretty much only known for 2 things: 
  1. their 1992 hit "jump" and
  2. their fashion style which included wearing their clothes backwards. 
photo via
and now this trend has come full circle. 
photo from this time tomorrow.
i follow the delightful ladies over at delightful dozen where they gave several examples of the backwards cardigan.  of course some examples seem very stylish (like the one above) but some are just too awkward for me to enjoy.  given a certain body type, the back (or front turned back) usually looks amazing and interesting but the front around the neck looks uncomfortable.  not only does it seem to be choking the individual, but i can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have the tag rubbing against my neck all day long. 

with all that being said, i cant knock until i try it.  so, i will be going through my cardigans soon to see which one is least likely to try and choke me to death.  awkward or not, i will take a photo of the ridiculousness and post it here on my blog for all the judgemental world to see.  :)

i guess it cant be that bad though, even michelle obama seems to be getting her kris kross on.

photo via

what about you?  are you rebellious enough to wear your cardigan the wrong way?  we should have a national {meaning all the awesome peeps that follow my blog} kris kross awareness day.  everyone can look silly ... and empowering all at once.


  1. I'll openly admit that I'm not fashion forward so this doesn't seem to do it for me.

    But you better believe I wore overalls backwards back in the day.

    (I made Taylor listen to Kris Kros the other day. Tee hee.)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. If the fashioned industry "jump-jump"ed off a bridge, would you, too? heh heh

  4. nope - not going to do it. I'm pretty sure people at work would just think that I got dressed in the dark...


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