Monday, April 4, 2011

4) tonight

day 04 - a picture of your night

first, i drove home ... 
... with all the windows down 
because it was a beautiful evening.  
next, i had a super yummy dinner and 
then husband and i headed to small group.


after playing "kick the pine cone," he wanted to see if he could jump really far. 
i heart small group!!!!

after small group, husband and i drove downtown to follow up on a treasure hunt clue.  for now, i am not able to tell you a lot about the treasure hunt because we have not finished.  but believe me, i am really excited to share with you all how crazy this thing is!
i finished the night off with a coat of
"hard as nails" for my growing nubs.  


30 day photo challenge participants: 
dana @ hancock heir
sheelah @ mcmiss 


  1. Are those actual finger nails I see??

  2. I don't even want to know how you took those pictures of you driving! Don't make me yell at you! :)


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