Monday, February 7, 2011

siete of 30

30 for 30 winter time goal:  learn how to smile at 7:30am

cardigan:  thrifted
pants:  target
shoes:  american eagle

the mustard yellow flats i ordered finally came today.  i have decided that instead of them completing my 30 items, i will replace the red and white flats (because i have too many shoes) with the yellow ones and add a shirt.  i have several cardigans and sweaters but not a lot of shirts to layer with.  so for now, i have 29 items and will try to pick #30 in the next day or two.  

also, i explained to husband this morning, the definition of frumpy.  the literal definition is:  an unattractive woman who wears dowdy old-fashioned clothes.
i meant it as "well arent i dressed like a shapeless old lady today."  yes, this cardigan makes me feel a little on the frumpy side.  but it was so cheap, so soft and i love the color ... whats a girl to do other than embrace the frumpiness and try her hardest to make it look good.  


on another note:  
i have been reminded in the past couple of weeks how blessed i am to be surrounded by Godly people.   it is so awesome to confide in someone that you know will give you truth and grace, even if its not exactly what you want to hear in that moment.  "wait it out and pray" does not have the same instant gratification as "oh no they didnt. i would not put up with that!"  this is why God wants us to be in community with each other and bear one another's burdens (galations 6:2).  

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  1. This is the cardigan that would probably look good worn backwards. Roundneck cardigans seem to work better than V-necks sometimes.


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