Saturday, February 19, 2011

flash back friday

im sitting here with my sister ... winding down from a night of giggling and some serious conversation ... and now more giggling.  

this flashes me back to when we were little.  the only difference is that we are now giggling with her son and have much more grown up serious conversations.  everything has changed and yet, nothing at all.  

she was my best friend growing up.  i can remember us sharing a bed and getting so mad at each other that we put a pillow in the middle as a boundary for our anger.  ten minutes later, we would be laughing so hard mom and dad would come tell us to be quiet and go to sleep.  when she got her license and we drove around, i felt like the coolest luckiest girl alive.  

i could go on and on about how cool she was and still is and how much fun we had ... but instead i choose to end this post and continue my evening with one of my favorite people.  


  1. Sisters are the very best! I love mine so much too! I laughed about the "pillow divider", we use to do stuff like tand laugh so hard! We still get in little fights, and then 10 minutes late after we ignore each other and look around, start to laugh! Very cute post.

  2. Thank you for this post!
    My sister is my best friend too. But I dont get to see her as often as I want anymore because I moved to NC with my husband, and I miss her every second until I see her again..which at this moment it is a whopping 3 months away. But this post made my day thank you for sharing your wonderful relationship with us


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