Friday, February 4, 2011

flash back friday

save the date!

not really sure why, but i wanna go skating real bad!  

this picture was taken at a birthday party when i was in middle school (thats me on the floor to the right).  i was never one of those cool kids that hung out at the skating rink on the weekends.  as you can see, i was more of a rollerblader ... not to be confined to the oval floor.  but i do remember this feeling of freedom.  once i would get the hang of the loop, wind in my hair and that great song comes on.  

... would you come to my birthday party if it was at the skating rink?  consider this your invitation, so keep your june schedule wide open!

maybe a cute guy will wanna skate with me ... a handsome bald one with muttons.  maybe he will ask me to skate with him on a slow song and we can hold hands :)    


  1. I am totally there! I have been wanting to go skating so bad in the past couple of years! Let's do it


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