Wednesday, December 29, 2010

mia for the holiday

hey yall!

i hope everyone had a great christmas!

wow.  its been a crazy month and can you believe we only have 3 more days until 2011!!!

i have zero excuses for being away for a week.  i went home to see my fam and got snowed in.  i had my computer with me the entire time and my parents have about 3 in their house ... but i remained lazy :)  and now i am recovering from my week off of doing absolutely nothing.  i did get some great pics of the snow though.  remember how i said it never snows like it used to ... well, it did!  it snowed almost 12 inches on the day after christmas.

like i said, i have several pics (that remain on my camera) and i look forward to taking the time to upload and post them soon.  i also have some other things im excited about sharing.

thanks for your patience :)

lots of love!

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