Friday, August 27, 2010

flash back friday

i had something different planned for this friday, but it will have to wait until another week.  its been a little crazy with work and baby grant. 

i was a cheerleader back in the day.  when i share this with people they usually think its hysterical and cant really picture me cheering.  then they think about it for a minute and realize i am the loudest person in the room and say something like "ok, i can see that."  i will admit that its not really anything im proud of, although, im not ashamed of it either.  sometimes when i look back, it kinda seems like a waste of time.  but then i remember the fun we had misbehaving, the group of us or "squad" if you will.  

it kind of makes me feel better when people cant picture me in my tiny skirt, cheering on the team, being all girly and snobby.  most of the time they stereo type these girls as the "popular crowd" that stuck together and turned their nose up at everyone.  i know for a fact there were girls like that in our group and unfortunately, some may still be this way.  im not saying i was an angel, but i feel like i was close friends with many different groups of people.  i dont just miss the squad, i also miss the art club group and my drama class.  so, although i was a cheerleader, i feel like i fit into a lot of different groups in school ... or maybe i didnt fully "fit in" with any of them?  

what kind of stereotyped group did you fit into when you were in school?  

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  1. beautiful long hair looking good!!!! great to look back and reflect..


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