Thursday, August 19, 2010

etsy ecstasy

fabulous fall finds

these give me the warm fuzzies for autumn

this makes me wish i was a student again.
who needs a backpack when you have a great messenger bag like this?
oh my ... i heart this bag too!
honestly, i really cant decide which piper & paisley hat i love best.
i think this might be my favorite?  (i kinda want them all)
love these!!!
this screen printed jersey scarf is perfect!
and top it all off with this whimsical necklace.  
autumn is on the way and for once, im ready for it.  this summer has been a little too hot and sticky for even me.  i cant wait to break out a plethora of jackets, new boots and even more exciting, my great grandfather's hat that i will be rockin in the cooler weather.

all of the items above are from esty (click on pic to shop) ... and all but the yellow plaid messenger bag are under $50.  take some time to find a few fun and original items to keep your fall fashion a little more exciting.  


  1. That hat is totally you! I love the gloves and scarf! I think these will also be going on my Christmas wish list


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