Monday, February 21, 2011

veintiuno of 30

todays post is brought to you by the color blue:

button-up:  hand-me-down
pants:  old navy
flats:  target

i am running out of items to remix.  it was 76 degrees today and i have 5 sweaters, a jacket and 7 pairs of pants to remix for another 9 days.  dont get me wrong, i have been waiting for this warmer weather since january 1st.  but if i had known it would be this warm, i would have chosen more skirts and dresses.  this prevents me from layering a lot and keeps the outfits pretty basic and boring.  thats why i ventured out to bring you this lovely shade of blue.  i feel like it brightened up the outfit and if nothing else, makes for a more interesting picture.  


  1. 76 DEGREES?!?

    i didn't even get past that part to read the rest. envy.

  2. I really like this outfit. I need some white pants asap!


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