Friday, September 10, 2010

flash back friday

here is a little blast from the past ...

i would like to introduce you to agent 86

not to be confused with

agent 86 is a newer addition the benfield family.  after getting into a fender bender we were in a spot to get an inexpensive car, quickly.  although its actually a 87, we figured it was manufactured in 86 hence the name from one of husbands favorite childhood tv shows.

i love the fact that this car would have been "outdated" when i turned 16.  i have to admit that i love this little car though.  its been well taken care of and runs great!

do you know anyone that drove a honda accord hatchback 87?  here is what it would have looked like in its prime:

did you ever drive a POS car that you were too ashamed to admit you loved?  my first was an 86 toyota corolla ... the color of urine.  not trying to be gross, its true.  i would brag that i had a "curtain" in the back window, which was really the lining coming off the ceiling.  i never washed it and i never locked the doors ... ha! 

1 comment:

  1. Hey Elizabeth! I was looking through my photo albums recently (reminiscing in advance of the impending reunion), and I came across a photo of you, in my parent's driveway, sitting on the hook of your "urine-colored" Corolla! You were so proud of that car! If I ever get the scanner hooked up I'll send you the file.


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